diamond disc for cutting concrete

We have high-quality and very solidly made diamond discs for cutting concrete, as well as stoneware, stone, ceramics and other materials, durable and ready to work in all conditions


If you need parts for professional processing of various surfaces, then choose diamond discs available from us. They allow precise and convenient cutting of concrete, stoneware, stone, ceramics and other materials. We offer a wide selection of the best products, which are made of extremely durable materials. So they will prove themselves on construction sites, during renovation or other finishing tasks. Thanks to them, the work will become simpler, and the results will always be satisfactory. It is worth exploring the entire range of modern solutions that will meet the requirements of users. Feel free to contact us!


Choosing the right diamond disc

At first glance, a diamond disc for cutting concrete is not a complicated item. However, it is recommended to pay attention to several aspects related to its technical parameters and operation. To begin with, it is necessary to determine for what purposes and building blocks it will be used. Also important is the size of the part to be sold. Such articles have a maximum depth of cut depending on the diameter of the disk in question. It is also good if the accessories are made with the latest technology for high efficiency. On the market you can find, among others, solutions with a continuous raceway, segmented without or with slots on the perimeter.


High performance concrete cutting disc

Due to its purpose, a diamond disc for cutting concrete must be manufactured in a special way. It is made of high-grade steel and cutting segments made of welded synthetic diamond particles and metals. In the manufacturing process, the crystals are pressed into a disk. It should be noted that the grains are not placed randomly. The abrasive layer is specially arranged and oriented to achieve the optimal level of cutting the sharp edges of the particles of the hardest mineral on earth. This makes the parts sold ideal for hard materials and ready for heavy use.

Si-Tech signature diamond discs, when used and protected properly, allow you to achieve precise cuts and clean edges without chipping or unsightly defects


Proper use of diamond discs

You can choose diamond discs designed for cutting various types of concrete, as well as other
plastics. Continuous models are ideal for processing brittle parts that could be damaged by cutting teeth. For hard concrete, variants without slots will work well, and for lightweight concrete, versions with holes. You will also use the latter when cutting through soft stones. In each case, you need to keep in mind the limitations provided by the manufacturer. On the surface of the articles, the maximum number of revolutions per minute is indicated, for example, 10,000 rpm. To avoid damage and unpleasant accidents, do not exceed these indications.


Technology for cutting concrete and other materials

In addition to good quality equipment and consumables, an important consideration is the right technology for cutting concrete. Diamond discs must be cooled intensively, as friction generates high temperatures. As a rule, materials are processed wet, using water or special emulsions. These wet the areas in question and make it easier to rinse away impurities, and increase productivity. However, it is not always possible to use them and the dry method is chosen. In this case, it is often necessary to remove the diamond disc from the slots and take breaks to cool the components.


A wide range of diamond discs

If you are looking for modern accessories for your angle grinder and other equipment, then take advantage of the offer we have prepared. Each available diamond disc for cutting concrete, such as fresh or hard concrete, is distinguished by its excellent design and durability. It will also be suitable for artificial or natural stone, brick, plaster or granite. This type of accessory allows you to get clean edges without chipping or unsightly defects.


Trust a proven company with diamond discs

We are a reputable company that provides products valued by users. Among others, we offer diamond discs for cutting concrete and concrete grinding discs tailored to the expectations of construction teams or private investors. We care about the highest level of service, so we constantly expand our assortment and provide expert purchasing advice. In addition, we provide competitive prices for all items. We encourage you to take advantage of our services!