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An industrial floor, such as concrete, must be prepared for the various challenges of production or increased vehicle or pedestrian traffic, which is why it is so important to prepare it properly and use professional construction chemicals

Excellent mechanical properties and versatility make concrete industrial floors used by many entities. This type of flooring can be found, among others, in public facilities, warehouse halls, garages, manufacturing plants and other commercial facilities like big-box stores. In order for the screed to meet all requirements, it is necessary to use excellent construction chemicals. With us you will buy the best resins, adhesives and agents, allowing you to create quality layers of substrate with a low price per m2. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer and contact us!

Very durable industrial floors

There is no doubt that an industrial floor, such as concrete, must be prepared for the various challenges of production or increased vehicle or pedestrian traffic. A good screed exhibits high resistance to mechanical loads, and should not crumble, abrade or crack quickly. Industrial concrete is also adapted to chemical compounds or acids, so cleaning and cleaning activities will not alter its characteristics. It is also important to provide the surface with anti-slip properties that will minimize the risk of accidents. When a low-priced floor meets such conditions, service or manufacturing activities are more efficient, and repairs are really rare.

Properties of concrete industrial flooring

In order for the substrate to have the attributes described, it is necessary to ensure that the industrial floor is professionally made. To make it, low-shrinkage concrete is used, which is made on the basis of high-strength cement enriched with mineral additives. The whole is reinforced with steel fibers, which results in the so-called fibrobrete. It is common practice to use a floating floor with a multilayer construction – an anti-slip layer is laid on its substructure. This type of solution eliminates the phenomenon of vibration transmission, which can adversely affect the durability of the structure.
Industrial screed, the price of which is favorable per m2, must also have expansion joints of sufficient depth and be subjected to leveling grinding.

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Si-Tech has been producing professional chemicals for industrial resin flooring for years, including Meteor series epoxy resins and Purion polyurethane resins

Industrial resin flooring

A high-quality industrial floor doesn’t have to be concrete. Equally practical are epoxy or polyurethane resin floors, the means for which you will find in our assortment. Such a solution is distinguished by high mechanical and chemical resistance. It is possible to use dyes and other elements in it, adding decorative qualities. It is also necessary to pay attention to environmental compatibility, as well as seamlessness. The last mentioned feature facilitates the smooth movement of equipment and quick cleaning of industrial floors. There are thin-layer substrates ideal for residential areas, thick-layer substrates for various establishments, and thick-layer quartz substrates, which are used in parking lot systems, among others.

Excellent chemicals for industrial floors

We offer sensational products for the concrete industrial floor, which are indispensable at all stages of the investment and allow professional care of the resulting space. Warehouses and other facilities require a surface with considerable resistance, so we recommend Romix surface hardeners. Primers, sealers and care products for fresh and old concrete floors are also good choices for screeds. You can also purchase special films, polymer, polypropylene, polymer or steel fibers, as well as wellmade troweling disks and diamond discs. We also sell resins in various colors, varnishes and resin thickeners.

Best products for concrete industrial flooring

High-quality flooring for corporate or domestic use must be based on the right technology and the best chemistry. With the proposed products, concrete industrial flooring at a low price per m2 will be durable and comfortable to use. Our wide assortment for screeding is the answer to the various requirements of customers. As a proven company, we guarantee professional service and advice. We invite you to cooperate with us!