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With a view to the highest possible standard of aesthetics for floors and flooring, whether resin or concrete, and wishing to extend their life and resistance to future contamination, it is important to remember the appropriate cleaning and maintenance methods, adapted to their type and overall condition. What kind of cleaning agents should be used depending on the specifics of different materials? How and with what to effectively and safely remove stains and other dirt in industrial facilities and other places? How do you go about washing a resin floor, stainless steel floor or any other type? Below we look for answers to these questions and explain how to carry out professional cleaning of industrial floors in production halls and other facilities.

Washing and care products from under Si-Tech for daily cleaning, polishing and thorough removal of particularly difficult dirt (such as oil stains, grease, rubber marks, etc.) will guarantee the surfaces an impeccable appearance, shine and better resistance to subsequent, even very intensive use. We recommend them for washing concrete floors and, depending on the preparation, also for other materials, such as ceramic tiles and panels.


Professional execution of a concrete floor does not end with its curing with a specialized hardener and impregnation. To ensure that the surface does not degrade too quickly as a result of heavy use, it is necessary to take care of its proper care and proper cleaning with properly selected cleaning agents, since concrete has a greater tendency to “attract” dirt than resin floors.


How should industrial floors be cleaned to keep them in impeccable condition for a long time?


Concrete floors and flooring can be washed both by machine and by hand. The choice of the appropriate method of floor cleaning depends on the surface of the floor, the degree of dirt and wear (the number of scratches, minor damage, etc.) The machine method is most often used for floor cleaning in production halls, warehouses, large-scale trans-shipment and logistics centers, hypermarkets or shopping malls. Machine cleaning means higher efficiency, convenience and significant time savings when it comes to cleaning floors and concrete floors. The manual method, on the other hand, is geared towards its use on small or medium-sized areas, in catering facilities, offices, hotels, etc.


Polyurethane or epoxy resin floors are much easier to clean due to their seamlessness and smooth surface. However, it is important to remember to use properly adapted care for them, reaching for properly selected cleaning and washing agents for this type of flooring. Regular sweeping or vacuuming of the resin floor will prevent scratches caused by accumulated grains of sand. For washing epoxy or polyurethane resin floors, for example, vacuum cleaners with a washing function will work perfectly. You need to take care that the preparations used for cleaning floors do not contain alkali and acidic substances in their composition, which could cause discoloration or irreversible damage to the surface. Therefore, it is worth looking more carefully at the composition of the preparation used and pay attention to whether it contains corrosive or discoloring substances.


Cleaning floors and industrial floors is done in three steps:

  1. de-dusting the industrial floor with a vacuum cleaner
  2. washing of the floor with the use of an appropriate preparation – a cleaning agent matched to the degree of dirt and type of surface (concrete floor, resin floor, polyurethane floor)
  3. impregnation of the floor


In our offer you will find a wide range of products for cleaning and maintenance of resin floors, both in industrial and domestic conditions.
With the use of cleaners from under the Si-Tech sign, you can also keep oil panels, PVC carpets and wooden parquet floors in impeccable condition.
Si-Tech brand cleaning products will serve to clean and care for various surfaces.


Si-Tech offers several types of cleaning and maintenance products for industrial floors, as well as waterproof floors and flooring, porcelain stoneware, terrazzo, linoleum, PVC flooring, and wood and oil panels.

For daily surface cleaning, we recommend using a diluted Si-Clean alcohol-based product with a pleasant lemon scent, followed by washing the floor with a cleaning machine or by hand, using a mop.

For the maintenance of both resin and concrete floors and to provide them with thorough protection against mechanical damage and to give them anti-slip properties, we recommend the use of a polymer paste – Si-Wax. Its use makes the floor is covered with a hard coating, so it achieves increased resistance to scratches and dirt penetration into the depths, and thus gives the floor a high gloss, renews and refreshes it. It is a ready-to-use cleaner, so it does not need to be diluted with water to clean the floor. Application of the product should be done at intervals of 45-60 minutes in about three coats, using a clean mop on a cleaned and dried surface, while after applying the last coat, the floor should be allowed to dry for at least an hour and a half.

Our range also includes alkaline removers, which are cleaning agents designed to thoroughly clean and remove tough dirt on a particular type of floor.

Si-Active Concrete Clean is a remover to be diluted with water, which provides intensive cleaning of the floor and concrete floor and cleans it from very strong and stubborn dirt, such as, for example, aged dirt, grease, wax, soot, oil and hard-to-wash rubber marks from carts and shoes, etc. This is an all-purpose liquid that allows you to effectively clean floors and regularly clean it from all kinds of substances.

On the other hand, the product called Si-Active Resin Clean is a low-foaming, highly alkaline preparation and agent for professional cleaning and periodic cleaning of very dirty resin floors and industrial floors resistant to alkalis. It perfectly removes petroleum-based dirt and old coatings of acrylic dispersions, so it acts as a so-called stripper, and also easily and quickly gets rid of traces of rubber, waxes, soot, oils and grease. Our company has the best cleaning agents for cleaning floors and floors – we provide services to individuals, businesses and institutions. We invite you to contact us and cooperate with us!